Web Scraper
Version 0.9
Requirements Web Server with PHP & MySQL
Fetch content in custom format

Grab content from any website in your preferred custom format.

Our extremely powerful scraper lets you fetch all the content from the website(s) of your choice. On top of this, the scraper can filter & format text so that you can present it beautifully on your website.


We have programmed the scraping process intelligently so that grabbing content is an easy ride for you.

The best part is that the code can handle any unexpected situation without any issues.

Rock solid code
Pixel perfect design

We strongly believe in pixel perfect approach when it comes to design.

Our mobile first design approach enables you to use your scraper application using any device. Be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

50+ ready to use scrapers

We already have over 50 production ready scrapers for popular websites such as Egotastic, Labnol, 4shared, SantaBanta, MediaFire, Rapidshare. And more scrapers get added to this list everyday.

Amazing Features

You can not only fetch content, images, videos, etc from the websites but can also filter & format the text, create different thumbnail versions, process videos, and much more. The scraper can do anything you throw at it. It's that powerful.

Automatic Content

Fetch content from various sources automatically. Get real time updates as the source gets updated. It's like keeping your blog or website on auto-pilot.

Solid Code

We have spent countless hours programming this product and we still haven't stopped. The scraper has been built from the ground up with proper planning and intelligent code.

Backend Panel

The powerful backend panel that comes bundled with the scraper allows you to manage all the data easily. It can handle TB's of data without any diffculty.

Responsive Design

We have designed the product with mobile first approach which enables it to render beautifully as per the screen size of the device it is viewed on.

Regular Updates

As a part of our commitment to always deliver the best product, we make sure that the product is bug free and gets better with every update.


Lifetime license for every scraper you purchase.

1 website

Only single scraper license. Allows you to grab content from a single website.

Auto updater
Email support
3 websites

Scraper license for 3 website(s). Allows you to grab content from 3 websites.

Auto updater
Priority support
Website change allowed
Free upgrades for one year
10 websites

Scraper license for 10 website(s).

Auto updater
Phone & Email support
Website change allowed
Free upgrades for one year
Search Engine

Looking to build a niche specific search engine? Something like FilesTube?


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