Is It Better To Pull Or Save A Tooth?

Saving a tooth may be the best option for a lot of patients who think they need to have a severely decayed tooth pulled. There are cases when a root canal won’t suffice. In such situations, the tooth needs to be pulled. Some patients object to the idea of their tooth being saved as it will cost them more money than simply getting rid of it.

While this is true, it is best to consider all your options financially before choosing to have the tooth pulled. There are many other benefits to having your tooth saved. Many of which will be discussed:


A top reason for teeth pulling is the inability to pay for a root canal or crown. These can be expensive. It is typically performed for a price in-between $900 to $1,100. A crown can also be extremely expensive. The most common prices are in-between $855 to $1,000. What if you don’t have $2,000 in your back pocket? Consider these options:


Many medical insurance plans come with dental. Dental insurance is often not as good as medical insurance. With that said, it is something. Most dental plans will completely cover exams and cleaning. They only partly cover dental procedures. Some plans will only cover as little as 30%. That means paying $600 for the procedure instead of $1,000.

-A Payment Plan

Some dentists are willing to work with patients that can’t pay all at one time. They may make payment plans with you. A lot of dental offices aren’t willing to do this. If they are, it will probably mean paying half when getting the root canal and half when getting the crown. They require two different office visits.

-A Discount Plan

Some larger dental offices offer discount plans to their patients. It is sort of like they own their own insurance company. They may require annual or monthly payments to provide free exams and discounted procedures. This can be an excellent way to get coverage if you cannot get dental insurance.


There are credit cards you can get to charge dental procedures. There are credit cards that are specifically designed for the purpose of charging dental procedures; however, you can also do this on a regular credit card. This option allows you to get a dental procedure that you cannot pay upfront for.

Avoid More Dental Problems

There are dental problems that can occur if a tooth is pulled. Also, it is better for the overall health of your mouth to save the tooth. Those who choose to save the tooth are often left in a better mental state. Consider all the medical advantages:


Losing a tooth, especially if it is in a noticeable area, can have a drastic effect on your self-esteem. People notice our smiles. Even if they aren’t, it may leave you thinking that they are staring at the hole left from a tooth that was once there.

-Shifting Teeth

Teeth can shift when one is removed. Surrounding teeth help create a barricade for a tooth. Many who get their adult teeth at a slow pace end up needing braces. Saving your tooth can mean keeping the others where they belong.

-Stronger Tooth

While a tooth that has decayed to the point where you’re considering pulling it, that doesn’t mean it won’t be stronger than a false tooth if there is a crown on it. Dentures are much weaker than a tooth that has a crown on it. Also, an implant is extremely expensive and can be weaker too. Plus, an implant is oral surgery.

-Looking Youthful

Missing teeth make a person look older. We often associate strong and healthy teeth with a youthful appearance. You may have difficulty looking your age with a missing tooth.

-No Pain

Having a tooth pulled can result in many days of pain afterward. Yes, there will be no pain during the procedure. With that said, a lot of swelling and inflammation will result. This is not true when it comes to a root canal. Root canals take care of the pain right away by getting rid of the infection. They also don’t hurt during the procedure.

It May Have To Be Pulled

You may be right that pulling a tooth is the best option. Typically, teeth that are cracked in too many places or have lost too much strength to support a crown need to be pulled. You shouldn’t panic that you’ll have to walk around with a missing tooth for the rest of your life. You can have an implant installed. You can also choose to get dentures that may be cheaper.

Consider Your Options

It’s best to consider all the options before making a decision like this. You should always seek the advice of a dentist and consider their recommendations. Some people have no financial choice in the matter. If you can find a way to afford it, always save the tooth if it can be saved.